You're in good

You're in good

There is no substitute for experience and a reputable track record. Build with confidence. Knowing your builder can be trusted and has your best interests in mind.

We’ve had many contractors at the house over the years but without a doubt, Carlisle Classic Homes is the best. Their team does a fabulous job and are such a pleasure to work with. On time, on budget and wonderfully professional.”

- Michael R.

“My idea of a great company is one that provides excellent service, on time, within budget — working in partnership with the customer always. Carlisle is just this type of company.”

- Marla S.

“I would recommend these guys to anyone! Our PM did an outstanding job in articulating options and the associated costs.”

- Matt O.

“I was home during the project, so good customer service was paramount to us.
Carlisle and their subcontractors were easy to work with, professional and had a high standard for their work.”

- Maggy W.

“Many people have nightmare stories to tell after a project like ours, but we only have praise for CCH – they were great to work with from start to finish.”

- Alison Z.

“Knowledgeable, patient and supportive – they helped reduce the stress of renovating a home.”

- Katherine P.

“Excellent collaboration from vision to design to build.”

- Lora C.

“More than anything I was impressed with the fact that they treated my home as if it was their own…”

- Becky N.

“We can only praise the level of workers they assigned to our project.
Everyone was highly skilled and personable.”

- Barbara O.

“When questions arose, they were very responsive and detail-orientated in explaining the process, potential options, and what they recommended as the best plan.”

- Wayland C.

“Brilliant job in every way. Professional from the start with prompt response and knowledgeable answers.”

- Steve K.